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The ACE Network is a Network of excellence in the European 6th framework IST. It will structure the fragmented European antenna R&D, reduce duplications and boost excellence and competitiveness in key areas. ACE deals with the antenna function of radio systems. This includes the electromagnetic interface from conductors to free space radiated waves, the beam-forming functions, whether they are analogue or digital, and adaptive "smart" systems to optimize performance.

The project has a duration of four years, with start 1 January 2004. It has 51 participants from 17 European countries. 323 researchers and 130 PhD students are involved. The ACE total budget is 13.534.000 €, with EC Contribution up to 10.500.000 €.

The network is organized in five horizontal activities:

  • Coordination with Wireless Applications
  • Antenna software initiatives
  • Antenna measurements techniques
  • Training and education
  • Dissemination and knowledge transfer management

and in five vertical, application-oriented activities:

  • MM-& sub-mm waves/Integrated antennas
  • Small antennas
  • Wideband & multiband antennas
  • Planar & conformal arrays
  • Smart Antenna Systems

At the heart of ACE, a Virtual centre of excellence (VCE) at will serve as a knowledge base and communications centre.

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Project Name: Antenna Centre of Excellence


Project reference:
IST-2004-508009 & IST-2006-026957


Contract type:
Network of Excellence


Project duration:
48 months
Start date: 01/01/2004; End date: 31/12/2007


Total budget:
13.534.000 € (EC Contribution : 10.500.000 €)


Action lines:
IST - Mobile and wireless system beyond 3G


SB3G, Broadband for All, BAI


2004 ACE